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Information on stereoscopy

Miscelaneous information
LANCShepperd   Modifying Rob Crockett's LANC Shepherd.
Stereo Panoramas   Shooting panoramic pictures in stereo.
Compression   Ghosting and compression of stereoscopic images.
Stereo web gallery   
Stereoscopic computer screens   
Stereoscopic projection   
Stereoscopic CGI   

External information
Stéréo-Club Français External link   French stereo-club, founded in 1903.
Stereoscopy & Stereoscopic Photography External link   Information on stereoscopy in the MyAlbum web site.

MyAlbum External link   Simple image cataloger and slideshow freeware with many stereoscopic features.
BaseCalc   A free pocket-sized stereo base calculator.
BaseCalc2   New! A stereo base calculator that runs directly in your web browser.
StereoMovieBuilder   New! A software for building (stereoscopic) videos from a set of still pictures with various effects as zoom, pan and transitions.
ScreenCapt   A tool for capturing a part of the displayed screen (stereo pictures can be on the fly transposed!).
VirtualDUB filters   Stereoscopic filters for the popular video processing free software.
Stereoscope   A simple Android application for viewing stereoscopic (3D) pictures.
piphoto3D   A simple and multiplatform 3D pictures viewer written in Java.

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