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Stereoscopic pictures gallery
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 Belize - Lamanai - 11/04/2008 - 12:58
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Bièvre photographic flea-market
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Phantograms     Standard 2D pictures  
Mondial 2 roues
Paris Motorbike Show
Mondial 2 roues     Standard 2D pictures  
Mondial Auto
Paris Car Show
Mondial Auto     Standard 2D pictures  
Misc stuff on stereoscopy
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  Picture album that can be viewed using:
Stereo slideshow using a Flash viewer 3D stereoscopic pictures displayed with a Flash viewer.
Stereo slideshow using a HTML5 viewer 3D stereoscopic pictures displayed with a HTML5 viewer.
Anaglyph stereo pictures for red-cyan glasses 3D stereoscopic pictures displayed in anaglyph (red-cyan glasses needed).
Standard 2D pictures 2D ordinary pictures (no glasses needed).
Panoramic pictures Panoramic pictures.
Folder Folder containing other picture albums.
Restricted access Protected album, page or folder: a password is needed to access it.

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